When I turned to Meaghan for help, I had reached a point where I didn’t feel good upon waking each morning and had to hold the railing to navigate down the stairs. My TSH numbers were in range, but Hashimotos was out of control. After 4 days on Meaghan’s plan, I could walk down the stairs without holding the railing. I met my 20lb weight loss goal within 10 weeks, and I feel better than I have in years! Still a ways to go and am thankful to Meaghan’s compassionate manner, understanding, in depth knowledge, and creative tips. She knows what she’s doing!!



Meaghan has been so attentive and supporting during this process. Not to mention answering all the questions I’ve has and responding so quickly.



Since I have had my nutrition planned by Meaghan Faragasso, I have lost over 50 lbs of fat I carried for decades, lowered my A1C, Glucose, and Cholesterol with no medication. My energy has increased, and so has my testosterone with no anti-aging meds or injections. All with whole food and exercise.

Her plans are simple to follow, and the weekly calls clarify the plan. I just need to eat what is in the plan and the results happen. I travel for my business constantly, and Meaghan adapts the effort needed to prep the food based on my travel. If I tell her I’ll have little time to prep, she’ll give me a plan with food I can buy and eat direct from a common grocery store. If I drop off the plan for a day or two, I just get back on. When I follow the plan exactly, I get exactly the planned results.

At 65 I can confidently say I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve got more active competing in CrossFit, I’m training in gymnastics, and started competing in powerlifting. These are all activities I never imagined I would have the ability to engage in before.

My family history includes lots of high-risk health issues, and obesity. I do not have the genes to support being med free and healthy at 65. It is working with Meaghan that is continuing to propel my health and enabling me to look forward to enjoying new experiences and adventures for decades ahead.



Had the call today with my doctor about the blood work and cardio tests.

100% good, he is really happy

Some key comments

“You’re killing it with your diet change”

 “There’s 25 year olds that would be jealous of your testosterone levels”

“Cholesterol has dropped 45 points, and good HDL cholesterol has gone up”

“A!C and glucoses looks great, and has dropped”

All this because of the nutrition you’ve programmed for me Meaghan!

One years ago my family doctor wanted to start me on pre-diabetes meds. After one year on your nutrition, not only do I not need any meds, I’ve improved so many things including rolling my testosterone back 25 years.



Simply put – Meaghan Faragasso has been THE GAME CHANGER for me. I am motivated and I wanted results. What I lacked is the skill set to accomplish my nutrition and fitness goals. My body transformation is no joke – the results speak for themselves. I carry her business card in my gym bag because I am asked all the time – what am I doing? You look amazing. I literally just hand them her card! I have been working out for 20 years, eating clean for the last 10 and never got these results. Shedding fat, building muscle, and what was most imperative was learning what foods work with my body – all in a program that is DESIGNED FOR ME. This program allows me to transform my body into what I want. It really is body by design! She is everything everyone says below. Her knowledge and ability to cut through the noise, coupled with her empathy and ability to say just the right thing at the right time make her one of the best in the business! I have new goals and we are going to CRUSH 2019 together! I could not recommend more.



Thank you Meaghan for all the nutrition and fitness coaching and encouragement throughout the program. What started off as a three week Beta Program turned out to be a 6 month journey. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and Meaghan gives you the tools, support, and encouragement to be successful. You have weekly coach calls but she is always available if you have questions. Additionally, you have accountability and encouragement from others who are also on this journey. I also loved that I could still have some of my favorite foods just a healthier version. I am excited to continue this healthy lifestyle and continue my weight loss journey. I have lost about 29 pounds thus far and had many non-scale victories. I have the tools to continue to be successful. Additionally, I feel fit, energized and more tone. Meaghan is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable.



When you finally learn to #TREATYOSELF right. No supplements, no crazy diets, only hard work and eating to fuel my lifestyle. Thankyou Meaghan Faragasso for showing me the right way to grow these muscles.



I have just started working with Meaghan for the last few weeks officially, but she will be training me for my second figure competition in the upcoming months. She really knows her stuff and has been excellent in her communication and ability to provide me and the other girls on our team with the highest quality workout program, nutrition, and feedback I have ever gotten from a trainer. She inspires us all to want to be our best and pushes our limits. I see very big things happening for us as we continue on our journey’s with her this upcoming year!!!!



My final weigh-in was Sunday, May 8th, and I weighed in at 168 pounds. The previous week I was 169.7 pounds. I started this journey in February at 194 pounds, a total of 26 pounds later I am a new person. It’s still so surreal to me because I knew I had it in me to eat healthier but didn’t know where or how to start- and that’s where you came in. You’ve helped me through this process of learning and looking at food in a way I haven’t before and I commend you for that. You were patient with me along the way and took your time explaining why certain ingredients shouldn’t be put in my body if I wanted to feel and stay healthy and I thank you for that. With the tools, I’ve learned that “Food is fuel” and there are many condiments out there that will help my food taste good and coffee taste better the healthy way! Lol. Thank you so much, Meaghan, what you did was transform my mind to think differently. Thank you, ma’am!!



Meaghan is absolutely wonderful! She will customize a program specifically designed to meet you individual needs/goals. If you trust and follow the program, you WILL SEE RESULTS! She will help you put together a plan for success. In addition, you will learn about lots of new, interesting foods and the impact of various foods on your body. One of the best things I liked is that I didn’t have to do tons of long, crazy cardio/exercises to lose weight. If you want a change and want to look and feel great, please give Meaghan a try. You will have more energy, your skin will glow (from a healthier diet), sleep better, and become a better, stronger YOU!!!



Hey y’all! So yes Meaghan Faragasso, another breakthrough this week. It’s the little things, the baby steps, that have made the biggest impact on my health journey. I have loved the treat days and treat meals incorporated into my diet from the beginning. It was a way for me to eat a favorite dish, not think about the calories, but still not feel like I fell off the wagon. There wasn’t any of that post cheating on my diet depression and spiral. ” I already messed up, might as well just start fresh tomorrow. Or after the weekend.” That mentality was no longer there. That was a huge realization for me in the beginning, to show that this really ISN’T like any other diet I’ve tried (and failed) before.

Up until this past week, I had been using my treat meal to satisfy those cravings for what I felt I had been missing in this diet. I want to stress, there is NOTHING wrong with this. It’s your treat meal, use it however YOU want.

I tried something new and different this week. I went out with a friend of mine to explore the area around my new work location. We had so much fun learning about the area and seeing what’s there. We stopped at a little spot around the corner from my work, and I tried a completely new dish to me. I stepped even further out of my comfort zone and used my one treat meal for the week to try a new flavor, something completely foreign to me. Being someone who is truly in love with food the way I am, and I’m sure many of you are, this was a wonderful experience. In this one act, there has been yet another mental shift. I’m no longer trying to hold onto that old lifestyle by incorporating old, unhealthy favorites into my meal plan. I used my treat meal to really dive into that “foodie” side of me, and tried something new. (Not super healthy, but not an entire pint of ice cream either.)

Sorry for the long post, but its been awhile since I’ve shared something like this with you guys. I’m super happy with this new mindset. At least that’s where I’m at today. Lol thank you all for your support. I wouldn’t be here without you help. Don’t stop, won’t stop.




You have no idea how insightful these few sentences are to me! This is all so new to me…. training this way is very very different.

It’s not where my head was at…. but it’s gonna stay there now!

This is THE framework I need to keep in mind when I am eating – as to not get fixated on the aesthetic of what I see in a picture now but the long-term health benefits of what I want to feel and see.

It also helps me not fixate on the scale…. its a marathon not a sprint.

This is why you are the right coach for me! Seriously – a health coach – who doesn’t judge me that I want a shapely bum and flat stomach! And tells me to eat!!! Love that.

You don’t just tell me what a judge would look at (which is kind of what I asked you). You are intuitive to re-frame my question and refocus my head where I want it to be!!!

I just get a little sidetracked – and very very easily…

I will remember this when I get tired in the gym and don’t want to do the last set…..

It’s easy to give up on a goal of a fitness competition (it wasn’t even something I thought about until maybe two years ago) It’s not as easy to give up on the goals of the long-term health benefits that I wasn’t really aware of …. now that – that is where it’s at!


You are the bomb!



I connected with Meaghan after hearing great things about her program from a couple of my coaching colleagues. I am a 31y/o new mama to a 7 month old baby boy, and I felt that I needed structure, guidance, and accountability to restore my body and get me back to feeling like myself.

Adjusting to the demanding schedule of a new mom and juggling my other responsibilities, it felt as though there was no consistency in my workouts and certainly no “well-balanced” to my nutrition. Before baby, I was exercising daily (sometimes twice a day) on top of an already very active lifestyle working as a skating coach at Medstar Capitals Iceplex, an in-game host for several of Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s teams, and a pilates instructor at Sculpd. Meaghan spent ample time understanding my goals, why they were important to me, and what I was willing/able to do to accomplish them. She also made sure to check in with me weekly through our coaching calls to evaluate my progress and answer any questions I had.

My goals included: physically losing weight to get back to a range I was comfortable with, toning/strengthening my muscles, boosting my energy, sleeping better, and developing/regaining healthier nutrition habits. All in all, these goals allowed me to be the best version of myself for all the roles I hold. Furthermore, my husband and I hope to start trying for baby number 2 this summer, and I want to be able to be as healthy and strong for this pregnancy/labor/delivery as I was for my first.

I chose to complete the 21 Day Metabolic Detox/Reset and could not be happier with the outcome:

The Workouts – Challenging but not mentally overwhelming. Was able to get them done in 30 minutes or less with just a mat (and I added in some dumbbells). I ended up losing about 8 pounds and can see the difference in the tone and definition of my muscles. I also just feel more confident, strong, energetic and athletic – light and agile on my feet. That feeling is incredible when you witness your own strength/endurance improving.

The Nutrition – Meaghan created a well balanced meal plan that didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of anything. I started craving salty/sweet foods less and less, while craving nutritious snacks more and more. I enjoyed my scheduled “treat meals” of course, but they became more of an afterthought. As I began to look at my food as fuel, I had this underlying desire to give my body the best fuel. As a result of the clean eating, I found that I had less gastrointestinal issues and a noticeable energy boost after meals since my body was utilizing the nutrients so efficiently. It also improved my mental clarity, mood, and ability to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep (as much as the baby would cooperate) resulting in waking up feeling energized and refreshed.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Meaghan and her program. For me, this was more than just the number on the scale. It was getting myself back into a healthier way of life as I am a creature of habit and my habits needed some overhauling. Thanks to this program, I feel I am “back on track” and living a (sustainable) healthier lifestyle leading me to the healthiest version of me. Thank you Meaghan – from one new mama to another – I am forever grateful!


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